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Equipped with Germany Man Technologies, Howo tractor truck are widely used for containers, hazardous chemicals and any other heavy loading transportation

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The HOWO Tractor Truck, also known as a semi-trailer truck, is a heavy-duty vehicle primarily used for long-distance transportation and logistics. It is designed to haul trailers loaded with goods, making it an essential tool for various industries.

The application range of the HOWO Tractor Truck includes:

  1. Logistics and Transportation: HOWO Tractor Trucks are widely used in logistics operations for transporting a wide range of goods, including raw materials, manufactured products, and perishable items.
  2. Construction Industry: These trucks are also commonly used in the construction industry to transport heavy machinery, equipment, and building materials.
  3. Mining Industry: In the mining sector, HOWO Tractor Trucks are utilized to haul ore, coal, and other minerals from mines to processing plants or distribution centers.
  4. Agriculture: These trucks play a crucial role in the agriculture industry, transporting crops, fertilizers, and machinery across farms and to markets.

The dimensions and capacity of HOWO Tractor Trucks vary depending on the specific model and configuration. Typically, these trucks  with the ability to carry a maximum payload of up to more than 120 tons.

The weight of the HOWO Tractor Truck, when empty, usually falls between 6.5 to 18 tons, depending on the model and specifications.

The price range of HOWO Tractor Trucks can vary widely based on factors such as the model, engine specifications, transmission type, and additional features. Generally, the price can range from a few hundred thousand to over a million yuan.

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    Address: SINOTRUK Technology Building, 777 Hua'ao Road, Jinan, Shandong, China
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